Insights from Arcadea

Transition Paths For Founders: What’s Next?

As we meet with founder-controlled software businesses, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “what is life like post-close?” Founders and owners seem to think that the question is up to the investors. And while this is often true for more rigid buyers who operate with set playbooks, value guidelines, and short-term objectives, the truth is that it is you, the owner / founder of the business, who gets to decide the answer to that question.

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Welcome to Arcadea Group

We started Arcadea as a unique, long-term partner for strongly growing, vertical and niche horizontal software businesses. Creatively structured, independently run and supported by an investor group that thinks in decades not quarters, Arcadea is purpose built for a lasting and supportive relationship with the right businesses. Our approach harkens back to the basics of business and investing, when success was measured over decades, incentives were simple and aligned, and a bespoke approach to each business went without saying.

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