Our Approach

We invest in great VSaaS businesses, full stop. Backed by some of the world’s most successful operators and investors, we leverage our permanent capital, unique software best practices, and years of experience in a multitude of markets to help your business grow and thrive over ultra-long-term horizons.


We believe that business-building, operating, and customer satisfaction are most successful—and enjoyable—when optimizing for the long-term.

Yet nearly all investment firms focus on maximizing your business for sale in 2-5 years, prioritizing personal economics and the ability to raise another fund over the potential of your business and the protection of your legacy, team, and customers.

We’re not interested in preparing your business for sale in a few years or trying to achieve a headline with a new funding round. 

We offer something dramatically different: a long-term growth partner and home for your team, brand, legacy, and customers.

One size fits none

Private Equity, rollup aggregators (and their copycats), and VC firms too often pull founder-controlled businesses into their orbit with static, one-size-fits-all playbooks. 

This approach leads to a few common failure outcomes:

  • Fragilizing the business’ operations via massive price increases, paint-by-numbers operating targets, or creating a dependence on external capital.
  • Forcing together standalone businesses into a soup just to sell the aggregate to another financial investor at a higher price.
  • Staff burnout and job eliminations in favor of “seasoned players” (friends of the firm) —for the founders and their team.
  • Highly-structured, often misleading valuations that, when not realized, result in poor outcomes for founders and their teams, and lead management teams to take high-pay-out / low-probability gambles with their life’s work.

At Arcadea, we tailor our approach to each business based on its unique profile from strategy and valuation, to growth expectations and team transitions.